Officers in Salford are appealing for information after an elderly woman’s mobility scooter was stolen and left damaged in Worsley.

The anonymous woman said: “This incident has left me stuck inside the house as I rely heavily on the scooter to get about – without it I am stranded as I can’t walk very far due to health issues and my age.”

The scooter belonging to the 85-year-old was stolen at Lawndale Drive in Worsley, at around 1pm on October 12.

Two youths were then seen moving the stolen scooter to the nearest bus station, where it was left damaged.

The woman added: “The incident has made me feel sad; I am not one for sitting in and I don’t watch much television, so there’s nothing much for me to do at home.

“I imagine that whoever did this did it because they have nothing better to do. It saddens me to think anyone would do this, I just do not understand it, I have lost my independence.”

PC Anthony Devall said: “She cannot walk very far due to medical and age-related reasons and relies on her mobility scooter to make short trips to local shops or to catch a bus.

“The incident has left her feeling isolated as the scooter is her lifeline and is damaged beyond repair.”

Anyone with information about this incident should contact police via quoting log 10-12102023. Information can also be reported online or by using the LiveChat function at

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