The Chairman of the Salford University cricket team has welcomed the inclusion of the sport in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, United States.

Cricket is the second most popular sport across the globe, yet has not been included in the Olympic Games since 1900.

Joe Marshall, Chairman of the Salford University cricket team, says the news is good for the sport’s accessibility and diversity.

“I’m delighted,” he said. “It’s been a long time coming but only really accessible recently for something as fast paced as the Olympics with the T20 revolution.”

Over the recent years, cricket has faced several challenges, particularly in regards to diversity within the sport and the speed of the games itself. 

“Cricket is an old sport and is played by all generations but for the representation for the rest of the world it’s vital as cricket is only a major sport in a couple countries”

While the sport will not be returning in 2024, held in the same city as the prior appearance, the sporting world will be witnessing Olympic cricket in Los Angeles over the summer of 2028.

Having first been considered for the Olympics by the Los Angeles organizing committee in August 2022, and officially included in a submission for new events, alongside Baseball/Softball, Flag Football (the Tag Rugby equivalent of American Football), Squash and Lacrosse, on October 9th 2023, the IOC confirmed all five events would be approved for the 2028 Olympic Games.

The Salford University Cricket Team (Image Rights granted by Joe Marshall)

The grassroots of cricket is expected to grow as a result of the Olympic inclusion, with Joe believing this to be important for the sport to compete with the likes of football and rugby around the world, having mentioned that cricket is not seen as attractive for a wide range of children when growing up.

He said: “Getting new people playing young and old is vital for the sports constant progression.”

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