Jane Wood and Mike Scantlebury

Ordsall residents Jane Wood and Mike Scantlebury said there will be “huge disruptions” if development plans go ahead. 

There are currently two different developments expected to take place in Ordsall, the first being social housing through the government on Robert Hall Street and West Park Street.

This Salford City Council development is for a mix of privately rented and available to buy outright flats and houses. There is an estimated 320 buildings to be built and the construction will take four years.

Mike Scantlebury explained: “The worry is there is not enough schools or doctors or dentists nearby, and no plans to build more.”

For the nature enthusiasts Jane and Mike a major concern for both are the environmental aspects.

Mature trees at Robert Hall St site, photo credit: Jane Wood

Jane Wood states: “They’re building on small pockets of land, and I’m objecting big time because there’s so much pollution around us.”

The couple have however been assured by architects that the new buildings will have minimal heating costs due to highly insulated materials being used.

Jane added: “We do need more social housing if we can do it resourcefully, imaginatively and creatively.”

One of Jane’s ideas is for “young people to build properties in apprentices where they learn to create buildings that don’t take anything out of the earth.”

The second planned developments are private high-rise flats scheduled near Sainsbury’s. The couple have been attending consultations at St Clement Church, but these will be finished by October 30, so residents will no longer get an input after this date.

Photo credit: Jane Wood

Jane and Mike are worried about these plans as this could result in a lot of shops closing, with Sainsbury’s being the only one rumoured to stay. People are, however, speculating this to potentially disappear in the upcoming years.

When the couple first saw initial plans it involved a lot of greenery, but this slowly turned into a majority of tower blocks.

Jane commented: “They’re planting a couple trees and calling it a park, there will be no communal area for children to play.” Which is an issue for Jane and Mike as there is already a lack of activities for young children in the area.

Mike also believes that commuting in high numbers raises another issue. He added: “This will be a huge disruption with the number of people who will be moving here, living in a low emission area.”

Jane and Mike (duped ‘the Jane and Mike band’) will be at the fun fair on Trafford Road this Sunday to interview individuals for their radio show, where the community will be celebrating the opening of a new bike lane.

Jane and Mike’s environmental show ‘Green Giraffes and Worms’ is available to listen to on both Salford City Radio and Soundcloud.



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