Celebrated for his starring roles in Looking for Eric and Emmerdale, let’s look back on the stellar career of one of England’s finest actors, Steve Evets on his 63rd birthday.

Steve Evets is actually a stage name, Evets being ‘Steve’ backwards, and Steve Murphy being the actor’s real name. After being born and brought up in Salford, Murphy joined the Merchant Navy after leaving school and travelled across USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. He was later kicked out of the force for jumping ship twice and improper behaviour.

Evets’ career started with a foundation course at Abraham Moss Centre on Cheetham Hill and an application to every show advertised by the Actors’ Centre which achieved him small roles in Casualty, Life on Mars, Shameless, and Emmerdale.

In between acting roles, Evets worked as an electrician, a political comedian under the name Adolph Chip-pan, and a bassist in the early noughts band, Turkey.

His first major film role was in 2008, playing a terminally-ill alcoholic who uses a wheelchair opposite Robert Carlyle, in Summer. He followed this with the lead role in Ken Loach’s 2009 film, Looking for Eric.

In later years he has appeared in Robin Hood, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Facility, Salford-based band Emperor Zero’s music video for “Man with Red Eyes”, Death in Paradise, Moving On, and Brassic.

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