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A trio of Eccles year 7 students have been celebrated for reading more than a million words in books since September.

Salford City Academy students Devon, 11, (left), Brooke, 12, (middle), Catherine, 12, (right) have been hailed as ‘Word Millionaires’ for their dedication to reading.

Since September, Brooke has read 1,249,003 words. Katherine has read 2,564,212 words, but at the top, it’s Devon who has read an astonishing 4,327,739 words since September.

‘Word Millionaires’ are then rewarded with a free book from the vending machine and a word millionaire badge which they wear proudly on their blazers.

Using a software app called ‘Accelerated Reader’, teachers were able to keep count of how much pupils were reading. After finishing a book, the pupils are then quizzed on the book to show what they have learned from their reading.

Learning Resource Manager, Anne Hickey, and her team run the reading program in the school. Anne said: “I spoke on the phone with Devon’s mum, and said that her only complaint was that, ‘He’s costing me a fortune in books.'”

Teachers and pupils highlighted the benefits that reading can provide, which include improved grades as well as social and mental well-being. It’s also just “fun to read”, as Devon points out.

There are now upwards of 10 students at the school who have become word millionaires, and many others are currently closing in on that mark.

“They build their confidence when they begin to read”, said Principal, Melanie Haselden. “We’ve got a real culture in our school for promoting the love of reading”.

As well as becoming ‘Word Millionaires’, students at the school have also been taking part in activities such as reading to the elderly to boost their confidence and to share an enjoyable experience with the older generation.

“We place reading as something that’s really important in our academy. Every morning students read, they read with their tutor and as a group. They then discuss what they’ve learned on Friday”, said Vice Principal, Mr Adam Rashud.

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The schools ‘Reading Route Metro Pass’.

The school also make sure to celebrate different reading events such as World Book Day, World Poetry Day and Harry Potter Day.

Principal, Melanie Haselden said: “I am so proud of them.”

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