Salford Astronomers Society observe, photograph and teach from an observatory which opened more than 70 years ago in the city.

The team has a passion for space and are hoping to share their interests with their fellow Salfordians and younger generations.

Their passion for astronomy is matched by their passion for the community, offering a great place for anyone to come and socialise, as well as learn more about the stars above.

The crew and their observatory are small at the moment, but have big plans for the future.

Director Gareth Lever hopes to be able to double the size of the observatory to allow more space for the community.

The crew encourage locals to get involved, regardless of prior knowledge in the subject. They usually hold lectures once a month and also host star-gazing parties, anyone in free to come down.

Even on cloudy nights, the group offers room for discussion about events and areas of interest.

Gareth, who’s been coming to the society for six years, says: “It’s just a great atmosphere.

“It’s a great experience being able to look through this special telescope we’ve got here.

“You can come down and have a chat no matter what your interests are, whether you’ve got a lot of experience in astronomy, or whether you’ve got zero experience.

“We’ve just recently had a comet go by. That’s been the talk over the last couple of weeks.”

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