Walkden will join 25 other Cricket Clubs in the formation of the Northwest Cricket League for the 2023 season.

The league will see teams from the Bolton Cricket League and the Ribblesdale Cricket League merge from April through to September.

The 26 founding teams will play each other once throughout the season. The culmination of the season will see the leagues be split in half ahead of the 2024 season, with the teams being made into a Premiership and Championship.

President of the Bolton Cricket League and President of Walkden Cricket Club, Frank Hinks, said: “I think the league is spot on and will benefit all of the clubs.

“The move will give Walkden Cricket Club more stability going forward.”

Walkden Cricket Club
A photo of Walkden Cricket Club as they are set to join the Northwest Cricket League via Google Creative Commons.

The merge will also see the end of the Bolton Cricket League, a league rich in history and Walkden’s current home that has been running for 92 years.

Furthermore, the Ribblesdale Cricket League that will end after its 130-year existence.

The decision came after a vote between the teams that saw every club in favour of the move with Frank adding: “It was a completely unanimous decision by all clubs.

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

And there isn’t any surprise why these clubs wouldn’t be excited for the upcoming season.

With league being spread across more than 60 kilometres from Atherton to Settle, Frank added: “We will have to travel a bit further but the furthest we will travel is Settle.”

A map of all the locations of the 26 Northwest League Cricket Clubs

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