The composer known for creating the theme of the hit kids TV show ‘Teletubbies’ has created a brand new score for a film set in Salford.

Andrew McCrorie-Shand (Andy) has created a score for the multi-award winning film Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist.

Andy composed music for the film when he became involved after seeing an advertisement looking for a musician to compose “music painted on one of the poor people who are going to hell or in hells bottom.” He said: “The thing that got me hooked initially was the fact that it was a medieval sort of mindset.”

The film is set in Manchester and Salford and is filmed around famous landmarks like, ‘The Salford Lads Club.

Andy with Hurdy Gurdy


Andy had a career as a rockstar after his band were the first to play at the BBC Oxford Station in Manchester. He has also been the producer for household names such as Leo Sayer, Billy Ocean and Sarah Brightman. He said: “The thing that has caught people’s attention most is Teletubbies.” But now, he has composed a medieval soundtrack with a modern time twist using a hurdy gurdy.

The film Exist has won 35 international awards since it premiered in February 2020. The soundtrack and Andy himself have been nominated for and received five awards, including The Best Original Soundtrack at the Eastern Europe Film Festival in Romania this year.

Andy said: “It doesn’t surprise me that the film has done as well as it has because everyone that’s involved with it has put in 100% effort.”

Jack Clarke is the co-producer of the film and describe the moment he and the Director first heard the soundtrack from Andy. he said: “I was absolutely mind blown by the way it was produced and then we just sat there and looked at each other and just went we aren’t making a film anymore, we are actually making a proper movie.”

Nobody Loves You and You Dont Deserve to Exist

Jack is a University of Salford Film and Media Management master’s student. He said: “The film is unreal for a lad like him from a council estate in Salford”.

“The film is a lot to unpack with the themes and context”, said Jack. Reviews from the film describe it as “dark Mancunian poetry” and a “garden of Earthly delights in the modern day”.

You can listen to the original motion picture soundtrack here. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime.

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