Peel Park is appealing for volunteers to help clear the park of fireworks and litter after Bonfire Night.

The park is holding a litter pick on November 6th at 11:00 to combat the surge in rubbish the site sees after Bonfire Night.

Peel Park typically faces problems with litter after Bonfire Night, despite urging the public to not use the park to launch fireworks.

A Spokesperson for Friends of Peel Park said: “Our main advice is for the public to take pride in the park, which is a wonderful area for all of us to use. Always put litter in the bins or take it home as there are no recycling facilities in the park.

“If you see litter why not pick it up and put it in one of the numerous bins? Always consider everyone else with your actions.

“Over the last couple of years we have noticed that, after bonfire night, there is quite a lot of rubbish left around the park.

“Lots of used fireworks are normally left around the park. We don’t encourage people set off fireworks in the park but it does seem to happen quite a lot. We don’t want any damage to be caused to the park.

“The litter and spent fireworks can cause problems to the wildlife as they may try and eat or get caught up in rubbish. The plants can also be damaged.”

They followed: “We ask that volunteers wear sensible, comfortable shoes and bring gloves if possible (but we can provide these if needed). Litter pickers and rings will be provided for the volunteers.

“The litter picks normally go ahead regardless of the weather so dress accordingly to the expected weather.”

Friends of Peel Park also mentioned how the public can get involved with the park in the long term. They continued: “All year round we welcome volunteers to get involved. At the moment there is a gardening session every other Friday, more sessions happen in spring and summer.

“We also welcome people to attend our online meetings every 2 months, we discuss the park and what will be going on in the future. We welcome ideas for how the park can be improved for everyone to enjoy.”

The public can email to find out more or follow us on Facebook.

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