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Monton Cricket Club are set for a change in captaincy with their current captain passing over the role.

Josh Lenihan captained the club for 10 seasons, making him the longest serving captain in club history. He has played at Monton since the age of five and took over the captaincy when he was 19.

He said: “You don’t see too many captains do it for as long as I have as it is such a big commitment to do year after year.

Josh Lenihan - Monton Cricket Club
“I was fairly young and had a lot to learn but I soon realised I needed to keep the stuff on the field separate to that off it.”

One of most challenging things as a captain Lenihan found was that he captained many of his closest friends.

He said: “It difficult to give 11 players a full team a game and some weeks I was left choosing some of my best friends to play a smaller role than they have liked.

Josh says team goals were set so he sacrificed his own personal game at times.

Captaining the side came with many good memories for him personally, but also as a team.

Most recently he led from the front winning the league in the Greater Manchester Cricket League with a team made up of two overseas players and nine players who had represented the club at junior level.

In his first season as captain, he also won the league and the team reached the semi-final of the Lancashire Knockout.


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In 2015, Lenihan was delighted to captain current Essex player Simon Harmer: “It was a real privilege, not only was his cricketing ability so good, but he was an absolute gem of a bloke.”

In a post on their social media the club said: “We thank you for everything you have done as captain, Josh and all you still continue to do.”

Mr Lenihan may be taking a step back from the captaincy, but he ensures he will be ever present for Monton Cricket Club next season and gave advice for the incoming captain:

He advises: “Enjoy the challenge and trust your gut, as long as you stay true to yourself you will succeeded.”

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