Built in 1903, the Gothic chapel at Agecroft Cemetery was constructed as the centrepiece of the graveyard. However, due to a lack of restoration, there are worries on the amount of time it will be left standing.

The Gothic Chapel has been at Agecroft cemetery in Pendlebury for over 100 years, the chapel was designed as the centrepiece of the cemetery and has been a major element in the site and has a significant local status.

Although the chapel hasn’t been used functionally since around the 1970’s-1980’s it is a part of Salford’s history.

Glenn Kennedy, 56, is a professional Genealogist and member of the ‘Saving Salford historic Buildings’ group. He said: “I’ve been meeting with Salford Council to present our case as to why we should have the funding to help restore the chapel, and they were really responsive to us. It was such a great step to even be able to speak with them.”

The group was formed to bring the building back into public use for the benefit of the local community. To achieve this, the group have worked with Salford City Council Mayor, Paul Dennett, and MP Rebecca Long Bailey.

There are around 300 members in the group, with a core group of 20-30 people who turn up every Saturday to aid the petition and bring people’s attention to this.

The group believes the building could be used as a heritage site, a café or shop.

Mr Kennedy continued: “We don’t want to battle the council or point fingers, we all want to work together to give back to the community. We have online petitions and written ones with over 1000 signatures altogether. We want the people to be able to look at the landmarks still standing not just at an old photograph of them.”

The feedback the group got form the local community was positive, with Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett showing his support for this cause.

In 2020 Salford City Council suggested plans to manage the ruins or even do a full restoration, however due to the coronavirus and lockdowns, these plans were put on hold.

There are plans to do a public meeting to propose to the community what the group want to do to help the council in their plans at hopefully restoring the chapel.

Glenn added: “We are trying to break the ice of all derelict buildings in Salford ande want people to be proud about the city of Salford, this will be a long process not just a 5 minute job.”

Hopefully the work here sets the benchmark for other projects throughout Salford and the community working with the council.

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