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Salford Arts Theatre are hosting a writers awards ceremony this May in honour of Salford dramatist and script writer, Shelagh Delaney.

Salford Arts Theatre have already announced their short list of the potential young writers set to receive the award. The five writers selected are: Heather Nelson, Katie Damer, Matilda Neil, Molly Rankine and Terri Donovan.

Nominee, Katie Damer said: “I’m really grateful and really excited about the opportunity.”

Salford Arts Theatre want to support the legacy of the young female writer; that’s why this award is specifically open to those who identify as female, are aged between 16 – 25 and are living in or from Greater Manchester.

Ms. Damer said: “It’s great that Salford Arts Theatre are doing their best to try and actively push northern voices into the arts scene, I think it will have a really good impact on Salford and Greater Manchester’s community as a whole.”

The winning script writer is set to receive an award of £300 and will have the opportunity to have their play performed at Salford Arts Theatre.

Salford Arts Theatre said: “Shelagh Delaney, born 25 November 1938, brought a fresh and spirited voice to the 1950’s theatre scene; female, teenager, northern and working class she defied those attempted to pigeon hole her.

“Since 2014. we’ve been celebrating the life and work of Salford born writer Shelagh Delaney every year on her birthday 25th November.

“We have done this in a variety of ways; we have produced Shelagh’s work, read her short stories and shown her screen plays as well as worked with several writer to support and showcase new writing.”

Find out more here: SHELAGH DELANEY AWARD (

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