Salford local elections.

All across the country today, councillors are being elected to represent their local area and residents.

The winning candidates will contribute to the development of local policies in areas such as social care, planning, highways, housing, and education.

There will be 77 candidates standing to win today’s votes from the public, with only 20 seats available in Salford City Council. The current local government is primarily dominated by the Labour Party, leaving the Conservatives with seven councillors and the Lib Dems with one.

There are two ways that Salfordians can vote today – at a local polling station or by proxy. The local government representatives are elected using the First Past the Post system, where the candidate with the most votes win.

The election count will take place overnight tonight, with results expected to come in in the early hours of tomorrow (friday, May 6th).

How to vote at a polling station

Simply attend the local polling station that is stated on your polling card between 7am to 10pm today. You do not need to take proof of identification with you to vote.

Once you have arrived at your polling station, you will need to give your name and address to the staff member inside where they will give you a ballot card containing the names of the councillors and their parties to choose who to vote for. To submit your vote, follow the instructions on the notices in the polling booth.

How to vote by proxy

A proxy vote is where someone votes for you on your behalf if you are unable to vote in person.

You can only apply for a proxy vote under certain circumstances, such as being away on polling day, having medical issues or disability, work commitments or military service.

Your proxy should be someone you trust to vote for your candidate on your behalf.

Where to find your polling station

To find your closest polling station you can use the address on your polling card, or you can find out online by typing in your address in the Salford City Council website to locate your polling station.

Who are the 77 candidates?

Barton and Winton:

• Antony Duke (Liberal Democrats)
• John Mullen (Labour)
• Michael Richman (Conservative)

Blackfriars and Trinity:

• Joe Allen (Liberal Democrats)
• David Jones (Green)
• Roseanna Wain (Labour)

Boothstown and Ellenbrook:

• Mohammed Bashir (Labour)
• Diana Battersby (Green)
• Ian Chisnall (Liberal Democrats)
• Les Turner (Conservative)


• Patience Assam (Conservative)
• David Henry (Green)
• Eli Leech (Independent)
• John Merry (Labour)
• Alexander Thomas William Wynne (Liberal Democrats)

Cadishead and Lower Irlam

• Yolande Amana-Ghola (Labour)
• Jamie Clark (Liberal Democrats)
• Amar Farooq (Conservative)


• Mary Ferrer (Independent)
• Bernard Goldfine (Conservative)
• Gizella Hughes (Liberal Democrats)
• Neil Reynolds (Labour)
• Christopher Seed (Green)


• Chris Bates (Conservative)
• Oliver Bradfield (Liberal Democrats)
• Sally Griffiths (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
• Clive Hamilton (Green)
• Nathaniel Tetteh (Labour)

Higher Irlam and Peel Green:

• Saqib Aftab (Conservative)
• Mishal Saeed (Labour)
• Kenneth Thompson (Liberal Democrats)

Kersal and Broughton Park:

• Adam Carney (Conservative)
• Chioma Mgbeokwere (Labour)
• James Twells (Liberal Democrats)
• Avrohom Walter (Independent)

Little Hulton:

• Dorothy Chapman (Conservative)
• Stuart Oxbrow (Green)
• Teresa Pepper (Labour)
• Stuart Robbins (Liberal Democrats)


• Nicola Smith (Green)
• Chris Twells (Liberal Democrats)
• John Walsh (Labour)

Pendlebury and Clifton:

• Sophia Linden (Labour)
• Ian McKinlay (Liberal Democrats)
• Jackie Mountaine (Conservative)

Pendleton and Charlestown:

• Miranda Friedman (Conservative)
• Andrew Nadin (Green)
• Sam Wade (Liberal Democrats)
• John Warmisham (Labour)

Salford Quays:

• Lucy Staniforth (Green)
• Phil Tresadern (Labour)
• Alex Warren (Liberal Democrats)

Swinton and Wardley:

• Alima Husain (Conservative)
• Gina Reynolds (Labour)
• Mark Sampson (Independent)
• Liam Waite (Green)
• Gareth Watkins (Liberal Democrats)

Swinton Park:

• Howard Balkind (Green)
• Stuart Dickman (Labour)
• John McLellan (Liberal Democrats)
• Derek Meades (Conservative)
• Joe O’Neil (Independent)

Walken North:

• Frederick Battersby (Green)
• John Grant (Liberal Democrats)
• Adrees Masood (Conservative)
• Ashlea Simon (Britain First)
• Jack Youd (Labour)

Walken South:

• Thomas Dylan (Green)
• Azmat Husain (Conservative)
• Patricia Murphy (Liberal Democrats)
• Irfan Syed (Labour)

Weaste and Seedley:

• Paul Heilbron (Liberal Democrats)
• Donna-Maree Humphery (Women’s Equality Party)
• Alexis Shama (Labour)

Worsley and Westwood Park:

• James Blessing (Liberal Democrats)
• Tony Davies (Labour)
• Adam Kealey (Conservative)

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