Eccles Community choir held their Spring concert recently and was able to raise and donate over £300 to the British Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.

Even with a smaller audience due to Covid, the choir still raised their voices to support Ukraine.

Chairman of Eccles Community choir, Annie said: “We all felt we needed to do something to help, so we decided to give all the proceeds of this concert to the Ukrainian Appeal.”

“A few weeks ago, a member of the choir made a request that we bring in donations to give to a local Polish centre, who was organising a humanitarian aid van taking donations to Ukraine. We all brought so much at such short notice that we ended up filling the van.”

The night started with a 15th Century English ballad and by the end of the evening moved through to a West side story medley, listeners sang along with the choir, as they sung a wide variety of songs to suit everybody.

Eccles Choir, which started out as Eccles singers in 2003, then moved to being a community choir in 2009, has almost 60 members who all enjoy singing and are great friends because of it. Throughout the time as a group, they have sung in Carnegie Hall in New York, Cologne Cathedral, the last post at Menin gate and their twin town in Lunen.

“Being in this choir brings amazing opportunities”, Annie said, “We do social things together and get a chance to do things together we would never have the chance to do elsewhere. Singing together and enjoying music really does affect your wellbeing.”

The choirs summer term starts mid-April and are always welcoming new members.

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