During the Easter holidays, children in and around Swinton will have the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language.

The sessions are being run by Virginia gee, from the KidsLingo franchise, on April 6th, 8th and 13th.

Mrs. Gee spoke of how beneficial a second language could be for early learners: “There are several benefits about learning another language from an early age like boosting their confidence and thinking critically.”

These Spanish lessons are available to babies and toddlers, with Mrs Gee adding: “It’s just exposing the babies and toddlers to another language.

“Another benefit is that they can expand their knowledge and they can see the world differently.”

During this Easter period, Kidslingo is offering local families two lessons for the price of two. Mrs Gee said: “It’s just giving a free class, and if they are okay with that, they can continue with the other two.

“It’s £6 and the class lasts 30 minutes, that 30 minutes involves music and games, if they are a little bit older they can do a role play.”

To see Virginia Gee discuss her lessons more, click here.

Research from Duolingo in 2021 suggested that just 6% of Brits can fluently speak a second language.

Mrs Gee said: “They (the parents) want their children to be exposed to another language, I think that’s the key.”

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