A pioneering exhibition by an LGBTQA+ artist is coming to Salford, which features a wide range of interesting pieces with a twist.

The Lowry gallery is celebrating the work of Julian Gray, a trans, queer and disabled artist,  under the name Julian Gray: Stories For Us, which features a collection of timelapse pieces and sketches, complemented by two of his comics, a queer Victorian romance titled The Invalid’s Valet and a Sapphic Medieval Fantasy titled Witch & Warrior.

credit: Julian Gray

Lowry curator Zoe Watson said:

“Julian’s moving work platforms central characters who aren’t generally represented in mainstream comic culture, enabling stories to be told through the lens of different voices. By bringing Stories For Us into the gallery, we welcome visitors to explore Julian’s fantasy tales and feel inspired to share their own experiences through the medium of comic making.”

Credit: Julian Gray

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to share and display any of their own finished pieces in a gallery space which will help contribute to the overall narrative ‘Stories for us’

Julian Gray says:

“I create my comics and the stories within not just for myself, but also for people like me, people who don’t see themselves reflected in the media around us. I want this exhibition to carry that message.”

The Lowry is well known for its community-driven exhibitions, which puts local artists’ work in the spotlight. It hosts numerous events that allow the general public to marvel at the creativity the artist portrays.

The exhibition runs until May 2. Places are free but must be booked in advance and donations are welcome.

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