Charity organisation Women with Wings have celebrated 5 years of helping local women this week.

In tandem with international women’s day and 5 years after the founding of the charity organisation Women with Wings, CEO Jasmine Bakhre organised an event to celebrate and support women in the community.

Women with wings were set up in 2017, based in Little Hulton, and its aim to help women, specifically those from ethnic backgrounds where English is not their first language, to get into career training, employment, and self-employment.

Throughout their work in the local community, they saw women and mums weren’t engaging with enterprises and support programmes due to a lack of confidence and language barriers.

CEO and founder of the organisation, Jasmine Bakhre, said: “Our aim is to support women to improve their lives. We have gone from a community to charity and have grown as a community interest company. We do workshop and training events and before Covid we did networking events every single month.

“Our door is open to any women, especially those where English isn’t their first language and those who struggle with childcare.”

Since the founding of the charity, Jasmine has helped support over 300 women, with people still coming through her door every day.

When asked how it feels to be a woman helping other women, Jasmine said: “I am very grateful and very blessed to be in this position to support other women because I have also been supported. I felt it was my time to step up and support other women as well, so it feels great, and I am enjoying my job every single day.”

Women with Wings Panel: Photo credit Eva Shana

The event was full of business stalls run by women. Locals could enjoy music and free refreshments whilst browsing at organic hair and beauty products, African hair products, and Mother’s Day gifts and hampers.

One stall holder, Nafy Marome, owner of L’ Africa Hair Salon, told me how 5 years ago Jasmine and the organisation helped her start up her own business and the support given has even led to her opening her own shop.

Nafy said: “Women with wings helped me find a shop to start my business, I want to thank them so much for helping me.”

Photo credit Eva Shana

Councillor Sharmina August, a member of Salford’s women’s commission, told the women at the event to: “Not be constrained by stereotypes and not confined by what society tells us.

“Events like these are amazing. Women supporting women is what it’s always been about. But the important thing to remember is that it should be nothing about us without us. Grassroots organisations like this where we find out what the issues are for women.”

I want things to change for people in Salford and across Greater Manchester”

Since starting the organisation, Women with Wings have gone from two stakeholders to 47, as they continue to grow stronger and help more women break the bias.

Lilian Mkocha came to the organisation when she had recently given birth by C section:

“I was by myself, but the community came in rallies to help me out, Jasmine was a pillar. She gave me so much support. So, I started to come to her office, it was 2 bus rides, but this support centre meant so much to me.

“All the women’s stories just inspired me to even wake up and leave my house. The centre helped me sit back and think what I wanted to do by doing workshops throughout the year.”

Communities like Women with Wings show us how women can support each other without criticism for not just one day, but 365 days of the year.


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