Salford residents adding their voices to the social media uproar over how the government has dealt with the Covid pandemic are split over who should take the blame.

Even almost two year since the pandemic first hit the UK and over a year since the first lockdown lifted, people still have their opinions on how the government fared when handling this situation as it continues to disrupt people’s lives.

Salford residents have expressed both their praise and disappointment in Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his staff for their handling of the pandemic.

One resident on a social media, highlighted the government’s hypocrisy in the constant enforcement of new restrictions that they themselves do not follow, but suggests that if people are ‘still complying’ the government will not change their management of restrictions.

She said: “The government have lied time and time again. [We are] being told to follow rules by [people] who constantly break them and it’s being rubbed on our faces.”

The news of the Christmas party is not the first time the members of government have be found out to be breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules, restrictions that they have been at the helm of enforcing and reprimanding people for breaking.

Footage of MP Matt Hancock circulated in June showing him kissing colleague, Gina Coladangelo and breaking social distancing rules.

A post went viral on social media, suggesting that those who were fined thousands for breaking social distancing rules, specifically a student who was fined, should get their money back.

However, one Salford resident came to the government’s defence, suggesting that those who attended the Christmas party in December last year hadn’t done anything different to a lot of people, but they would just be unfortunate to get caught. 

She highlighted the focus should not be on dredging up the past acts of the government, but instead on how the new restrictions and the increased worry of the variant omicron will affect the community. Ensuring the NHS is coping is always a top priority.

Caroline Dinnage, member of a Facebook community group, said: “They’ve messed up at times as has the rest of us but I think we all should just move on and they should try much harder to get it right.”

A Facebook event for a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street on December 24 this year has been created by a user as a respond the the news. Those saying they will be attending has surpassed one million. The event is a joke, but the creator has been warned if anyone does turn up to the Prime Minister’s home.

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