With the recent escalating rise of coronavirus cases across the UK, and especially in Salford, there have been talks of the government putting the country into another lockdown after Christmas to stabilise the infection rates.

When asked if they were worried about the recent talks of another lockdown, one said: “I don’t listen to rumours a lot of the time. I feel like a lot is scaring us, but I am very aware of it.”

With another Salfordian saying: “It’d be a shame but I kind of seen it coming. I think at this point we can expect it.”

Salford City Council have released a Public Health Annual Report for 2020-2021 in Salford showing how fast the spread of the infections are and how they are planning to help the people of Salford be protected.

Another local said: “I think people should take precaution and use your masks and maintain social distance, which is better than going into lockdown cause the death cases aren’t rising, so it might just be maybe if you’re fully vaccinated, your vaccine can work effectively against the new variant. So to my opinion, I feel no need for another lockdown.”

According to the Council, on the 5th of December there was 413.8 cases per 100,000 which has increased to 535.2 cases per 100,000 by the 12th of December, showing a 29.3% increase in only one week.

In the report about how the Council are tackling Covid-19 testing to see the rise of infections, they’ve wrote: “Each week, we look at the positivity rate which is the percentage of coronavirus tests that are coming back positive. A high positivity rate over 5% means we are not testing enough people; and so we can identify which age groups or geographical areas where people with the virus are not coming forward to be tested.”

To watch the full interviews here:

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