A fundraising ‘ladies night’ is being organised to help pay for the equipment and treatment that 9-year-old Heidi-Lou from Swinton needs. 

Heidi-Lou suffers with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and is also profoundly deaf. She has recently been accepted for an SDR operation, however her mother now needs the funds to pay for this.

Her neighbour and friend, Kelly Timperley, is organizing a fundraising event at Pendlebury Social Club. It will be taking place on the 29th January 2022.

Tickets will cost £12 on entry, and this will all be going towards raising money for Heidi’s operation, and any other equipment that she may need.

Kelly said: “The SDR operation will relieve her of the pain that she suffers. She’s just recently had an operation, but unfortunately it didn’t go as expected.

“Now she’s been approved of the SDR, we just need to raise the money for it.”

SDR, or Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, is an operation that reduces the muscle stiffness in children with Cerebral Palsy. It is currently the only procedure that permanently removes spasticity in the legs of the child, and can massively improve their quality of life. However, it is very expensive, and physiotherapy is also needed after the procedure, which could cost around £4,000.

“She’s got a walking aid now – but she needs physiotherapy. She has additional physiotherapy to help her because most of the time she’s in a wheelchair, but her mum has to pay for that, you see.

“Her mum does things like sponsored walks, and car boot sales and things like that, you know to raise funds, but I’ve offered to organise this ladies night, which hopefully will help them out a bit more.

“I’ve done ladies nights before, I did one a few years ago for the Pearce Ward, which looks after and gives treatment to people with Cystic Fibrosis. So, I offered to do this where the money will go towards Heidi’s funds.”


From 7pm onwards, people can expect two male strippers, a drag queen, a DJ, and an Anne Summer’s representative who will be doing games and a raffle.

“We’re also doing an additional raffle. We’ll charge £12 per ticket on entry, and we’ll pay the strippers, cover all the costs and expenses, and then everything else goes into the raffle.

“I’ve had people contacting me with raffle prizes, and people have been wanting tickets – but the last one I did, I had over 250 women there!

“Were hoping to raise £2,000 – it’s for a great cause so hopefully we get there.”


If you would like to know more about this cause, you can follow Heidi-Lou’s Happiness or contact Kelly on 07877225519 for more information or to buy tickets.

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