Yasmin Tenk, who recently graduated from the university of Salford, is one of the residents who are petitioning against the private use of fireworks as she describes the constant use as ‘such a nuisance’.

Miss Tenk describes her normally tame dog becoming destructive, destroying anything around the house in order to create a safe hiding place for herself.  

She said: “My dog is very cheeky, she’s happy in her life with us however when fireworks are being set off her demeanour completely changes.” 

Abi with her dog, Sasha. Permission to use by Abigail Jones Candland

Tilly, a Parson Russell Terrier, is a rescue dog who has had four previous owners and the extended use of fireworks caused disruption to her routine. 

“I noted that they were being set off from 3pm-2am on fireworks night this year. This meant my dog wouldn’t eat, I couldn’t take her for her usual walk and she didn’t sleep whatsoever.” 

Yasmin is not alone as many groups have been vocal about the disruption that fireworks are having in Salford.

Abigail Jones Candland from Swinton shared her ‘heart breaking’ experience with her dog, Sasha, eight, who has been left traumatised by fireworks.

“She cut all her nose trying to escape. She has chewed through our brand-new sofa, two lights and ruined four doors she wasn’t even on her own we were upstairs.” 

Permission to use by Abigail Jones Candland

She said of why it was important to restrict fireworks: “My stress levels would also go down. I can’t leave her for 2 minutes at the randomness of the times they are let off.”  

Both residents said that their dog was normally tame and friendly, however, the fireworks caused a complete personality change and their pets became destructive and caused damage to their homes.

Dogs4Rescue, a local dogs rescue in Salford was also negatively impacted by firework displays. 

The team who run the rescue was assured by organisers of the ‘Spooky Spectacular’ display at City Airport, Barton, ‘would make greater use of “low level fireworks” to reduce the noise footprint.’ 

However, they were shocked when the show included ‘constant noise, enormous bangs and whizzes that sounded like we were in a warzone.’ 

Organisers of the event have been running a silent firework display since 2016 after those at the rescue met with management at the airport and event organisers explaining the impact of the noise had on the dogs in their care. 

Some of the dogs living at the rescue have a history of abuse including being shot at, run over or who suffer from epilepsy, all of which endured distress due to the excessive noise. 

There were also concern raised for stables close by as well as Irlam Moss which has a variety of wildlife residing there. 

The ‘Salford Wildlife’ group on Facebook shared a year-long petition to end the use of fireworks in Salford, asking residents to consider the negative impacts on the community. 

The group highlighted that is not just the wildlife that is suffering, but the effects on individuals who are affected by mental health issues, learning disabilities or PTSD.

It also has environmental impacts, including the air and noise pollution. 

Sign the petition here.

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