the Bee Network

The new ‘Bee Network’, TfGM’s city-wide integrated public transport system, aims to create a more seamless transition for Salford commuters who travel to and from Manchester every day.

The government recently approved Andy Burnham’s £1 billion pound request to improve Greater Manchester’s public transport system.

A lot of this funding is focused on the infrastructure which aims to improve transport in Salford.

Greater Manchester Transport Commissioner, Chris Boardman, said: “Buses need to be affordable, easy to use, frequent and modern to enable millions of residents here to use them to get from A to B, leaving their cars at home for everyday trips.”

Bee Network – Credit: Francis Barker

The ‘London style’ fare system will standardise the 150 types of tickets available currently to just five, with £1.55 being the price for a single.

A significant increase in bus priority in heavily congested areas such as the Chapel Street/ Trinity Way and the Chapel Street/ New Bailey Street junctions will help reduce the time needed to get into Manchester from Salford.

TfGM Infographic – Credit: Francis Barker

Zero-emission electric buses will also increase to 50% of the fleet by 2027 to help Manchester meet Climate targets.

Mr Boardman said: “Only when we have a fully-integrated, seamless Bee Network will we really be able to make the change we need here to achieve our net-zero carbon targets.”

Map of completed and proposed plans for Bee Network – Credit: TfGM

In addition to this, the Bee Network aims to improve Salford’s cycling and walking routes.

This would help to reduce car traffic and emissions, improving air and noise pollution, while also reducing car dependency.

These new cycle lanes will be put to good use with the new Bee Network bicycle hire scheme that aims to be completed by summer 2022.

There will be 1,200 pedal bikes (costing 50p to unlock and 5p/minute to ride) and 300 e-bikes (costing £1 to unlock and 10p per minute to ride) accessible from over 200 bike stations. One pedal bike journey from Salford Shopping Centre to Piccadilly Gardens would cost roughly £1.25.

Bee Network Bike – Credit: Francis Barker

Mr Boardman said: “With bikes now available at a number of key locations in Manchester city centre and Salford, I’d encourage people to download the app, get out there and give the bikes a go.”

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