Janice Coxon still recalls the effects of her grandfathers death, killed in Belgium in the First World War: “It had a traumatic effect on my family, my dad was only 6 when it happened. The impact that having a death like that in the family is enormous and it goes through the generations.

Janice, who was part of the Reserve Women’s Royal Naval Service from 1968-1974, spoke of how it is not only her service that heightens the importance of Remembrance Sunday for her, but also the impact of warfare on her family members.

“My husband’s Uncle was severely injured during D-Day, he fought alongside his best friend from school and saw him killed.”

Janice is one of many people who regularly attend the Salford Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club. It is a community event that takes place every Saturday from 10:00am at the Magdalene centre in Winton. The breakfast club provides a place for armed forces veterans of all ages to have a place to come together and socialise and help to combat loneliness especially for older veterans.

With Remembrance Sunday approaching, many veterans are turning their minds towards the sacrifice they have made themselves, as well as their families and fellow veterans.

Another attendee Glenn Croston, 59, a Salford veteran of the Royal Army Pay Corp who has toured Ethiopia, Northern Ireland and Germany helps to organise the breakfast club and is a regular attendee. Glenn explained some of his experiences within the forces and why Remembrance Sunday is of great importance to him:

“I come from a military family, my father was a regular soldier and a national serviceman. I think when you are in that environment you understand what it means for the guys when people pass away, particularly on active service.”

“Going to Northern Ireland as a young 20-year-old, losing 3 comrades in a very short space of time brought it home to me and since then the Remembrance Service has been important to me.

Here are some of the places within Salford where you can also show your respect this Remembrance Sunday.

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