A Salford-based fashion designer, with no formal training in designing her own clothes, is determined to help empower women to feel more confident in her grunge with a girly twist designs.

An up-and-coming clothing brand, Grungevia, was created by 26-year-old Megan Rudge. The brand currently has three designs in their ‘Covid-19 Edition’ which each tell their own story and is currently working on an exciting new summer collection.

Megan explained: “When the global pandemic hit, I thought ‘you can never prepare for what is going to happen in life and you can always put your dreams off until tomorrow or the next day but if you really want something you can’t wait’. so Covid-19 really opened my eyes and I just thought I’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain if it sets off.”

“Although I am proud of how good the t-shirts have done already, I know I can go bigger and better, and I intend to. My goal is to not give up until I’m proud.”


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The inspiration for Grungevia stemmed from Megan’s own personal fashion sense – t-shirt dresses are her go-to outfit choice – and the brand’s creative designs developed from her love of the grunge clothing style with a girly twist. Megan had previously worked in various clothing stores, dressing up mannequins in different styles and colours to match the trends and season changes, and had a high interest in fashion from a young age.

She said: “Eventually I would like to design my own hoodies but will always stick which the ‘grunge/girly’ look as it’s my favourite. However, I will always be asking the audience I have for their feedback and their input to improve on any future designs I may have in mind.”

Credit: Megan Rudge

Grungevia works closely with their graphic designer for the vision of the designs, to make customers feel edgy and confident, and uses ethically-made t-shirts from small businesses to print the designs on.

Megan continued: “It can be quite challenging to find clothing of such a perfect quality and fit – I managed to find the perfect supplier for my brand who made sure the t-shirts were ethically-made and of the highest quality from small businesses around the world. In the future, I would like to meet the people who helped put my vision into practice by visiting them.”

Credit: Megan Rudge

The brand’s aim in the future is to work with other fashion companies and see their t-shirts on their favourite fashion icons.

To order a t-shirt from Grungevia or to keep updated with their new designs, follow their Instagram.

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