Salford student I'm A Celeb

Former University of Salford student Zoe King is currently working behind the scenes on the latest series of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Zoe, who graduated from the university’s Theatre and Performance Practice course over the summer, has had the opportunity to work on the popular UK TV series in North Wales as a celeb team runner over the last few weeks.

During her time on the course, Zoe worked on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and Netflix’s The Circle before adding Channel 4’s The Bridge, The Voice and now I’m A Celebrity to that list since graduating.

Having looked back on those experiences, Zoe gave an insight into how her current opportunity on the hit TV series came about.

“I’d worked on Britain’s Got Talent two years ago and that was the only time ITV had my CV so I’m not sure how I got I’m A Celeb,” she joked.

“I had a phone call when I was on The Bridge saying ‘we’ve just found your CV, would you be interested in working on a show in November and December in North Wales, on location?’

“I asked what the show was and they said that they couldn’t tell me. I asked if it was something major I may have read in the news and from there I kind of worked it out.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s series is being filmed at Gwyrch Castle in Abergele, as a pose to the traditional jungle setting in Australia.

Originally from Wales, working on the show has provided a unique opportunity for Zoe with it being the latest project the University of Salford graduate has had the chance to work on in her home country.

“I’m from Wrexham which is maybe 45 minutes away from the Castle, you just see it in the background when you’re driving on the A55 all the time and don’t think anything of it, it’s just there falling apart and no one goes in it.

“Now, for it to have the spotlight in it, they’ve done it all up with the floodlights and the fire – it looks insane.


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“Even the town Abergele, it’s nice to drive through and see all the pubs decorated with Ant and Dec’s faces, it’s really nice to see everyone behind the show.

“You do get overwhelmed when you drive through and you’re like ‘I can’t believe I’m part of this show.’ You just realise how lucky you are.”

Despite the show only first airing earlier this month, Zoe has been working behind the scenes over the last few weeks in preparation for its production.

As a runner on the celeb team, the Salford graduate had the opportunity to get to know this year’s campmates well before they entered the castle.

“I started at the end of October because of coronavirus, as the celebs had to isolate for a period to ensure they could go into a bubble and be safe whilst on the show.

“So, I’ve been working on it for a while, mainly just delivering some shopping and making sure they are ok because it can get quite lonely for them!

“Working with them is amazing, they’re all really good at sharing their stories too. Everyone I’ve met has been open to hearing my stories too which is lovely.

“Even Jordan [North] who’s on the show, he used to be a runner, so it’s nice to think that he was here where I am one day!”

Having only graduated from the University of Salford a few months back, Zoe’s journey in the industry is only just getting started.

She’s delighted to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the industry at present and has advised anyone willing to go down a similar career path to explore any career openings that come their way.

“There’s no way this time three years ago I would have gone straight on to Celeb, I’ve worked towards this for three years,” she said.

“You do have to do jobs and shows that no one’s ever heard of or projects that might seem smaller because you’re still learning and it’s a really good thing to do to develop and gain experience.”

You can follow Zoe’s journey here.

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