BBC presenters and filming staff from Blue Peter at BBC North West took turns bungee jumping over the quays.

Credit// Andrew Canonaco

Mel, a filming employee at the BBC said: “It’s scary but it’s really exciting though”.

Being asked what it was like being over the water that high up, Mel said: “It’s exhilarating”.

Jack, a director on the filming crew said his team were taking part in the event today ahead of Sport Relief on Friday March 13.

Many of those that decided to take the leap from 160 feet up, enjoyed blue skies and sunshine reflecting off of the Quays.  A sight Salford hasn’t seen in many recent weeks due to a stormy weather patterned February and early March.

The bungee jump was set up near the BBC North West offices just off of the quays.

Credit// Andrew Canonaco

Crew members were assisted by three professional bungee jump officials.  One of which went up each time with the employees taking part, riding in the cage with them, suspended from a crane.

Jessica said: “It’s actually higher than I thought– I didn’t think it was going to be that high but it was loads of fun and I really enjoyed it”.

Katy said it was windy and that it was a bit nerve racking with the cage swinging for a couple seconds but overall that it was an unforgettable experience.

Members of the public could also take part, costing £50 per person per jump.

Credit// Andrew Canonaco


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