The Lowry outlet in Salford Quays is hosting its monthly makers market, where Christmas shoppers can meet and buy from different creatives this weekend.

From food to home pieces, it is the perfect way to support local and growing businesses, whilst also getting unique items to have in and around your home.

Mark Hoppley, 32, is one of the stall owners this weekend and co-owner of Indriftic. Indriftic uses natural, beach found materials to create miniature pieces of art and homewares.

Mr Hoppley said: “We use shapes within the wood we find to inspire our artwork.

“Everything I make is inspired by the materials I find, my own imagination and the world around us.”

Travelling around to different maker’s market to share the art, Mr Hoppley feels the market offers a genuine customer connection.

Mr Hoppley said: “I’ve been doing this now for five years through the makers market […] it offers you an amazing platform to tap into different towns and cities.

“Your work’s not going to entertain everyone, but by doing this on a regular basis, you learn who your target market is and what they’re looking for.”



Another stall is Homeless Ghost Prints, run by Manchester designer Tom Wood, 32, who sells football prints in various countries, online, as well as at local markets in the run up to Christmas.

“We did the markets last year, but we only had about 10 different teams to choose from,” Mr Wood explained “Now we have 65 to 70 teams to choose from.”

Mr Wood said: “The Lowry’s always nice, you get a lot of passing trade and people coming through at lunchtimes.”

The market runs from Thursday to Sunday, November 21-25.

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