arts let loose

Swinton Square has launched a new children’s arts and crafts club, Arts Let Loose. 

The base is designed to be the perfect place for kids to get involved and get messy.

Arts Let Loose is a non-profit organisation that works with children and young people. It uses arts and crafts to provide positive experiences, enhance participation and well-being.

It provides opportunities for Salford children to participate in arts that they are able to have freedom and express themselves through whilst helping to learn and build their confidence.

The club takes place on Wednesdays from 4.30-6pm at the 12th Swinton Scouts Hall, Lynton Road, Swinton, and is suited for ages 8-12 years.

Children are advised to wear old clothes as they are not likely to stay clean.

A donation of £2.50 is suggested, but there is limited availability so booking advance is essential through emailing

To find out more visit the Arts Let Loose Facebook Page.

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