Salford Makers are opening a new shop in the middle of November 2018, which will be located on Chapel Street.

They will be selling items that have been crafted by their artists and people who attend their workshops at Islington Mill.

Recently, Salford Makers have launched their first phase of workshops which take place at their studio on the ground floor of Islington Mill. These workshops range from textile printing to natural plant dying.


Sally Gillford, the Director of Salford Makers has worked with a number of galleries, institutions and organisations across the North West. She specialises primarily in printed textiles and is the co-founder of a screen print studio One69A, which is also based in Islington Mill, Salford.

She said: “In a year we are hoping to set up a social enterprise to work with local community groups to be involved in the design and making process – to produce products for the shop.”

The workshop artists are experienced experts in their field of work and the attendees range from a number of different backgrounds.

“We want to be really really inclusive. We have had a really diverse audience with lots of different people taking part and getting involved and we want it to be accessible to everyone.”

The organisation works individually and collaboratively with other organisations such as Design Manchester, 7 Spot Pottery and Creative Tourist. Sally Gillford recognises that art development programmes are an important part of Salford Community:

Miss Gillford continued: “Salford and Manchester as a whole has a really dynamic, creative art scene…with all of the local development happening, the artist community is just going to grow and grow. It is a really exciting time for Salford!”

In 2017, over 7000 people in Salford engaged with a programme of arts outreach work, and nearly 40 venues in Salford contribute to the arts and culture scene.


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