A GROUP of eight volunteers has started a Salford clean-up to take a stand against rising litter dumping.

The new bin collections of general waste are now every three weeks which is resulting in an increase in debris in streets across Salford.

The length of time between collections has led to an increase in general waste being left in residential areas.

Salford Council stated the reasons for the changes: “In addition to environmental reasons for increasing recycling and reducing landfill, we cannot afford to carry on as a city as we are doing now.

“We’ve seen some great progress with increases to recycling in Salford and decreases in waste going to landfill, but more needs to be done.

“If we didn’t make any changes then costs would increase by around £3.5 million over the next two years, putting pressure on council budgets.”

They added: “We’ve already saved nearly £2 million in disposal costs since black bin collections changed in some areas of the city in July 2016.

“This money can be used to protect other council services that you or your family may use or benefit from, such as children’s centres, libraries, care for elderly and disabled people and street cleaning.”

Residents across the Manchester area have complained to their councils about the drastic changes.

The self titled  ‘Claremont Alleygaters’ have taken action to tackle the problem. The group has cleaned up Halstead Avenue , Peacock Avenue and Doveley’s Road.

Dr Stef Lorenz, 73, Prospective Liberal Democrat candidate, created the group with the help of friend Maz Parry. The two recruited members of the community to assist with litter picks via their  Facebook page.

Salford clean up

The group collected nine bags of rubbish from Doveley’s Road in Salford.

Dr Lorenz  explains why she thinks the litter has risen drastically: “It is partly reduced bin collections but also a lack of community spirit and pride in their neighbourhood. By fostering cooperation between neighbours, I hope things will improve.”

The Claremont Alleygator’s identified one of the major issues as being that a lot of the rubbish is building up along the alleys gateways of residential streets in Salford. The organisation is asking for anyone who has debris in their alley to contact the Claremont  alleygator’s for help.

Dr Lorenz has met with Salford Council officers Lee Jackson and Scott Henderson to discuss the problem. The Councillors told Dr Lorenz that any rubbish behind residential gates is the responsibility of the residents.

Dr Lorenz explains: “I feel Salford council with their vast majority have stopped listening to their voters. The local Councillors should be doing the things I’m doing, but they’re not.”

[pullquote]”There is no reason and no excuse whatsoever for people to dump rubbish in the streets and alleyways of Salford.”[/pullquote]

Many have voiced their grievances with rubbish build ups on the SalfordOnline Facebook page.

Hannah Jardine, from Clifton, has contacted the council over litter issues where she lives.

The 24-year-old explains: “I moved in 1st September and they have been like this since then  the council said they would send someone round but they only emptied the wheelie bins, they didn’t do anything about the excess rubbish.

“I don’t slate the bin men, I think the council people themselves need to do more to help the environment. I come from a small town in Scotland and we never have this problem.  It’s everywhere and it’s horrid.”

Salford Council implemented the changes to black bin collection on August 16 this year.

Salford Councillor, David Lancaster, said: “We’re always grateful to any volunteers who give their time to make Salford better, from community clean ups such as this to the fabulous work our Street Champions do in reporting environmental issues to the council and partners.

“There is no reason and no excuse whatsoever for people to dump rubbish in the streets and alleyways of Salford.”

The ‘Claremont Alleygaters’ are one of several community groups attempting to maintain cleanliness in Salford. The group have advertised to residents  “Does your gated alley need the Claremont Alleygater’s treatment? Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.”

You can contact the Claremont Alleygaters here.

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