Swinton man Shane Lennon, 21, was pinned to the floor by two men while a third squirted acid into his right eye.


Mr Lennon was walking half way down City Walk, Pendlebury, on August 4 when two men grabbed him from behind.

“They dragged me for about 15 seconds until I was out of sight. They then pinned me down, the guy to my right had his knee on my arm holding my forehead down and covering my eyes,” Mr Lennon explained.

The third attacker approached Mr Lennon shortly after.

“He removed my glasses and held my right eye open. I saw an object coming towards me, I managed to free my left arm and grabbed what felt like a syringe, as I did this the man squirted the liquid inside my right eye.”

Mr Lennon said one of the other attackers pinned him back down and they squirted the liquid into both eyes. After that Mr Lennon was let go and the men ran away. Mr Lennon was left unable to see but managed to contact his mother using his iWatch.

Mr Lennon’s brother Liam Lennon, 24,  found Shane.

“I was in shock, he was just sat on the ground his face all red and couldn’t open his eyes. His glasses were missing and his rucksack,” Liam explained. “I called an ambulance and the police who did their best to search the area for his things.”

Swinton police visited Mr Lennon after the attack. He said: “They told me that they don’t think they’ll catch who did it because there weren’t any witnessess or CCTV.”

GMP said in a statement: “Shortly after 2pm on Friday, August 4, police were called to City Walk, Pendlebury, to reports of an acid attack. A man in his 20s suffered injuries to his eyes and face and was taken to hospital for treatment. Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.”

No arrests have been made. The police spokesman added: “Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting incident number 1118 of 04/08/17, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


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