WITH CHRISTMAS just around the corner, everyone’s festive spirit is truly underway – last minute gifts are being bought, Christmas feasts are being prepared and sadly, the number of road accidents because of drug and drink – driving are only increasing.

But what is being done to help offer an alternative to driving under intoxication?

COCA – COLA gives a nod to the ‘unsung heroes’ of Christmas:

COCA – COLA is carrying out its Designated Driver scheme in partnership with the Department for Transport’s THINK! Drive Drive Campaign.

The idea is to award those who choose to abstain from drinking alcohol in order to taxi their friends and family around safely.

The successful 9 – year – scheme is the soft drink’s way of thanking sensible driving with a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on soft drinks at select pubs, bars and restaurants across the country, particularly in rural locations.

How to claim the offer?

Simply show your keys at the bar and you’ll be eligible for the offer on Coca – Cola Classic, Coca – Cola Zero Sugar, Coca – Cola Life, Appletiser and Schweppes drinks.

Could it get any sweeter? Find your local participating pub or bar by clicking here.


With an advent calendar already boasting offers and deals on the lead up to Christmas, the Northern Quarter’s much loved Dive Bar will be offering FREE soft drinks to designated drivers over the Christmas period.

Holly Geraghty, Dive NQ’s Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “We have just launched it this week in time for the Christmas party season. Already the support and response we have had on social media and from our customers has been great”.

Along with this and in a bid to make the city centre safer, the bar will be enforcing strict entry conditions to ensure a trouble – free night. The idea is to leave your keys at the bar and in exchange, you will be poured a soft beverage on the house.

*All soft drinks included in the offer*

The bar team are hoping that others in the centre will follow suit because of their partial responsibility in a customer’s safety during Christmas time.

Holly explained: “When we saw the annual ‘None for the road’ campaign by the GMP return this year we thought that this was a great thing to support.

“Whilst we are a late night venue we do have some social responsibility there. Offering this incentive, we hope it will help raise awareness of the campaign and also encourage people to think twice about having that one drink then driving home.”

Dive Bar NQ
Dive Bar NQ, Photo by Abigail Gillibrand

She concluded: “We go to extreme lengths to try and ensure the safety of our customers whilst in the venue but we wanted to try and do everything that we could to ensure they get home safely too.”

Launching the campaign over the festive period in support of the GMP ‘None for The Road’ campaign, Dive are looking to making it a regular thing if it is successful.


Sticking to their annual campaign, GMP are continuing to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence with their ‘None for The Road’ campaign.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle said: “Drink and drug – driving is never worth the risk.

“The consequences of it could see your life and the lives of other changed forever.

“Don’t let alcohol and drugs ruin your own or anybody else’s festive season.”

In the past, the police have undergone offering simulator experiences to the general public under slight intoxication to get an idea of what kind of dangers it presents. These simulator tests were carried out on Saturday and Sunday December 3 and 4 in both Wigan and Manchester.

Nationally, police forces have had to breathalyse over 11,000 drivers with just under 500 testing positive, whilst some fail or refuse to take the test due to festive drink driving.

Inspector Paul Rowe from the GMP Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “Many people drink around the limit in the false belief that they are safe to drive.

“But you don’t have to be drunk to be a drink driver and even one can make you unsafe to drive.

“Throughout December extra staff will be on duty to stop vehicles and if the circumstances are such, then drivers will be required to provide a roadside screening breath test or drug test.

“Failure to provide this will result in the driver being arrested.

“Our message is clear; don’t risk your own life and those of others for the sake of drink and drugs.

“None for the road is the only way to be sure that you’re in control.”

So whether you’re a driver, a passenger or an onlooker, you are urged to not only look out for yourselves, but for everyone around you.

Christmas is the happiest time of year, don’t avoid these campaign’s put in to place to help give you a stress free night – be the unsung hero.

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