WHEN we heard back in 2015 that a gourmet grilled cheese bar was coming to our beloved Northern Quarter, cheese lovers around were elated.

Now in 2016, the team at Northern Soul have headed into Manchester’s famous Christmas Markets, at the Albert Square section to bring us some festive, cheesy goodness.

Fighting through the crowds of Christmas shoppers is bad enough during the season, and if you’re not careful, approaching the markets around this time can be just as chaotic. I chose to visit the stall during a Tuesday lunchtime when it was a little quieter so that I could feast on my festive grilled cheese in peace.


As usual, I was spoilt for choice, however my friend was a vegetarian, and so the options for him were quite limited in terms of Christmas specials.

Taking my time with deciding what I fancied, I opted to go big and therefore chose The Crimbo Dinner drizzled in gravy, with slices of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with a playful pig in blanket lollipop.

All of this topped with slices of cheese made for a very filling, but very delicious barm.

My friend chose to have The Classic Mac stuffed with the Northern Soul’s teams signature mac ’n’ cheese. The texture had the perfect balance between crispy and gooey in the best kind of way, however the flavour was quite rich and it was hard to get through the whole thing.

Overall, despite no seating nearby unless we went and bought a drink in one of the market huts, we enjoyed the experience and stand by Northern Soul’s claim of serving up the best grilled cheeses in the UK.

*Vist Northern Soul @ Manchester Christmas Markets 10am-9pm // @ Northern Quarter Mon-Wed 11am-8pm Thurs-Sat 11am-9pm Sun 11am-6pm*

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