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Photo Credit: Sean Aiden. John Humpreys standing next to his sculpture of the Queen.

“She wears her hair like a crown in itself” – Salford sculptor behind Alien Autopsy celebrates the Queens Platinum Jubilee with distorted portrait

The Salford artist behind the Alien Autopsy model is being featured in a Manchester art exhibition, celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. […]

Sculpture being filled with molten bronze. 
CC: Emma Rodgers

“It truly is a revolutionary city” – Salford horse sculpture that celebrates local history approaches final hurdle

More details have been added to the Salford horse sculpture that celebrate the city’s history as it begins to be […]

MESH 3D Printed Sculpture Exhibition: Art from a technological point of view.

AN innovative 3D printed sculpture exhibition, which harmonically combines the artistic perspective with modern technology, has arrived at Gallery Oldham. The […]