Author: Mel Cionco

Pieces at the "Exploring the Collection" exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Credit: Mel Cionco

Exploring the Collection – A true display of Salford history through the lens of influential artists

Three famous Salford artists feature in the latest “Exploring the Collection” exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. It experimental, […]

The Labyrinth Project Team. Credit: Europia Team

Brexit complications impacting European national’s access to crucial benefits in Salford

European nationals in Salford are struggling to access benefits and health care because of Brexit’s ‘confusing’ and ‘complicated’ settlement scheme. They […]

Mustard Tree in Eccles. Credit: Mel Cionco

Salford charity seeks help from residents to combat unexpected all-time high demand in holiday season

A Salford charity is asking people to join in a five pounds a month donation campaign to combat the increasing demand […]

I4YP's HQ. Credit: Micky Dacks

Ex-convict transforms his life into a musical to inspire Salford youth away from crime and seclusion

Micky Dacks, eyes gleaming with the vision for his passion, his work, and his story to be reborn once again, […]

Lucy Ryan at the British Transplant Games. Credit: Lucy Ryan

Salford student given five years to live now represents Great Britain in World Transplant Games

A Salford organ transplant survivor using her “last life” to represent Great Britain in the 2023 World Transplant Games, is […]

Crowds at the Salford Histories Festival. Credit: Mel Cionco

Safeguarding the future by remembering the past: Locals join in festival celebrating the history of Salford

Coal miners, artists, photographers, authors, and more roamed the streets of Salford, creating art and documents, capturing sights and conversations. […]

Royal Mail Workers at the Picket Line. Credit: Mel Cionco

“This has been the biggest threat to Royal Mail in the 35 years I’ve worked here” – Royal Mail workers continue strikes while facing redundancies

Royal Mail workers in Salford’s distribution centre remained defiant on the picket line today as they took part in their seventh day of strike action in four weeks.